Murphy Bed With Sofa – A Luxury Bed For Limited Space


When it comes to getting an extra sleeping space and additional seating for homes with small living areas, many families with small living areas have very few choices. Fortunately, a much better option than tearing down walls is to add a Murphy bed with a sofa into any room. Murphy bed with sofa This gives you more seating options and a larger sleeping area for those overnight guests. In addition, when you are done with the Murphy bed with sofa, you will have extra comfortable sleeping space for your children as well. This gives everyone the chance to use the sleeping area anytime they want.

The Murphy bed with a sofa is designed to provide maximum comfort and support. It provides the mattress base with foam, so it is nearly indestructible and durable. The foam is also arranged so that the mattress itself is protected from all sides by three corner layers of foam. This allows more excellent protection to the mattress, which lasts longer. A mattress cover can be used to protect the mattress, providing another layer of protection that will last much longer than just the foam mattress itself. The cover is removable so that it can be quickly taken off and washed.

When the sofa or Murphy bed is not being used, the cover can be taken off and washed right on the Murphy bed with the sofa. The cover is made of soft cotton canvas, allowing the fabric to wrinkle up nicely and not act as a detergent. Also, the canvas material allows airflow through the mattress so the sheets will not become too hot on the inside.

The total height of the Murphy bed and sofa when folded down is eighteen inches. This includes the space underneath the sofa that is not used. The folded height is six and a half inches. The mattress and cover weigh approximately forty-two pounds.

There are many benefits to owning this luxury bed. It is designed for limited space. If you have a smaller home or apartment, the bed will fit into the space perfectly. Even a studio apartment with a small bed can be covered with a larger mattress and wall bed.

The mattress is the essential part of the murphy bed. You must make sure that it is the proper density, thickness, and comfort level for your body. Many people prefer the comfort level of a Tempurpedic mattress for their bed. The Tempurpedic mattresses are sold at a premium, however, and it is best to buy the mattress first and compare it to the pillow top version that is sold with the murphy bed.

A second benefit to owning this bed is the large number of options that you have for it. You can purchase a queen or king-size custom order and get a mattress that is one-third the size. You can also purchase a futon cover and change the mattress cover to fit the decor in the room. You can get a bed that has a footboard and headboard already attached to the mattress.

Space savers can be purchased to help you with limited space problems. You can purchase a foam pillow cover that covers the mattress and provides you with comfort while watching television or reading a book. You can also purchase wall bed sliders. These wall sliders cover the mattress when you are not using the room—these double as a comfortable day bed when you need additional seating.